KarleenThanks for visiting my site about senior dogs!  My name is Karleen and my passion is dogs.  I spent 20 plus years as a dog groomer and now have a small business trimming dog and cat nails, and sometimes rabbits, guinea pigs and box turtles.

I love older dogs.  I’ve spent some time as a foster parent to rescue dogs, but sort of failed at that because I ended up keeping most of them.  A lot of rescue dogs are older, making it tough to get them adopted.  Yet the senior dogs can be wonderful companions and usually have so much love to give back.

I wanted to create a blog that would help owners of senior dogs with any issues they may have as their dogs age.  We always want to give our dogs the best and help them live long quality lives. Hopefully you’ll find some tips and suggestions here that will help you do just that.